Dr. Stewart Chen's Alameda Campaign Kick-Off

Dr. Stewart Chen kicked off his campaign for a seat on the Alameda City Council at the High Street Station Cafe on Tuesday, September 18. The event had a huge turnout and there was a high level of energy and enthusiasm among the supporters. Among those who attended were Senator Leland Yee, Mike McCormick from the Alameda Health Care District Board, former Alameda Councilmember Karin Lucas, former Oakland Vice-Mayor Henry Chang, Dr. Jennifer Ong, Commissioner of the Alameda County Commission on the Status of Women, and Dr. William Smith from the Sierra Club.

Senator Leland Yee pointed out the lack of fund amidst the growing needs that cities in California are facing today and emphasized the important role that City Councilmembers now have in raising funds and providing services for their communities. He stated his wholehearted support for Dr. Chen. He has known Dr. Chen for a long time and he believes that Dr. Chen is well-prepared to take on the responsibility. "I know of no better individual than Stewart. ... You will have someone in Alameda who is going to be balanced, who is going to be reasonable, who is going to be talking to you about issues that are important to your community. Stewart is such an absolute wonderful candidate, a wonderful human being, and a wonderful friend for all of us."

Fellow candidate for Alameda City Council, Jeff Cambra, was also at the event and spoke in support of Dr. Chen. "If we have Stewart there, the City's in good hands."

Mike McCormick, who currently serves on the Alameda Health Care District Board with Dr. Chen, spoke of Dr. Chen's hard work to quickly get up to speed and contribute to the efforts of the Hospital Board after being elected in 2010. As a testament to Dr. Chen's commitment to his responsibility on the Hospital Board, he never missed a meeting and was never late. Mr. McCormick fully endorses Dr. Chen because he believes that Dr. Chen will be a productive member of the City Council; someone who will work hard to bring positive changes to the City.

Former Alameda City Councilmember Karin Lucas also shared her thoughts about Dr. Chen as someone who thinks independently and is committed to preserving the quality of life in Alameda. Dr. Jennifer Ong echoed similar sentiments and urged everyone to vote for Dr. Chen and support him in his campaign.

When Dr. Chen spoke, he first thanked everyone for coming to support him then briefly talked about his desire to preserve the quality of life in Alameda. He said that he would like to keep the feeling of a small town with traditional family values that first attracted him and his wife to the city more than twenty years ago. If elected, he promises to be a proponent of education, health care, housing, public safety, and government accessibility to make Alameda a very desirable place to live, not only for ourselves, but for our future generations as well.

Photos from the event